I began traveling at age six with a trip to Virginia in my father's Piper Cub. It was the first time I saw snow and where I got my first dog, who I aptly named Piper.

After that I never stopped. Any money I saved up went towards plane tickets and hostels. At sixteen I did a home exchange in Valencia, Spain inciting my love of Spain. I've been back three different times, including a semester long study abroad in college. While there I did a brief tour of Europe including Italy, Prague, Paris, and London. The next year I made friends with exchange students from Manchester and Paris and made my way back over the pond to visit those cities for a couple months.

By 2007 I was anxious to explore the rest of my own country and set off on the Great North American Road Trip spanning Orlando, FL to Vancouver, BC. This was when I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland, OR, and made it a goal to move out there.

After my big trip to South Africa in 2010 for the World Cup, I stayed closer to home and took weekend trips to the Oregon coast and mountains as well as Seattle and Vancouver, including the Stanley Cup Final last June. Most recently my husband and I visited NYC to check out neighborhoods because we are planning to move there this summer for my job.

Favorite non-tourist place I've been?
Hull, England

Where am I still dying to go?
Bangkok, Greece, Norway, Australia, and Brazil.

Travel must-have?
Pen and a little spiral notebook to write down places I would recommend to others.
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