Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, I have roots that go as deep as the liveoaks that grow there (my great-grandfather's photo is even hanging in the city's regional history museum). In 2009 however, I packed up and moved across the country to Portland, Oregon after falling in love with the city on a road trip in 2007. In August 2012, my husband and I moved to NYC, which is where we currently reside.

Passionate about writing and traveling, I have extensive experience doing both. I'm also interested in foreign languages and linguistics. Currently I'm working to help combat human trafficking.

In my spare time I play water polo, snowboard, watch Manchester United and the Pittsburgh Penguins, and read. I'm an avid collector of cassette tapes, my most prized find being Salt 'n Peppa's Blacks' Magic for 99¢ at Rock 'n Roll Heaven in Orlando.
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